19 September 2010

Matthew Rose's The End Of The World

THE END OF THE WORLD (REALLY BUILT TO LAST) is Paris-based artist Matthew Rose's surreal fantasy about the fragility of world we live in and the end of the world we've built.

"The end of the world is in fact a created fiction with a decidedly real dimension," says the artist. "It's a dream and yet it's one we live in, walk through, sleep off. I'm reminded of James Joyce's famous line: 'History is a nightmare I'm trying to awaken from.'"

Based on an original collage from 2008, THE END OF THE WORLD, reports from the frontiers of the real and dream worlds, where foods and animals, naughty little boys and errant little girls enter into the visual field and run, jump, hang and float in and around an assortment of human narratives that are veering dangerously out of control.

This work, and others in the series, appears in Masters: Collage (Sterling Publishing/Lark Books, USA May 2010). The print is available exclusively from Keep Calm Gallery London.  There are only 45 prints remaining in the edition of 85. Price: £38.00. (Note: The new shipment to Keep Calm is arriving the week of September 20, so be assured there are prints to purchase).

[Click images to enlarge and see detail.]

This print also has a border for framing.
  • Limited edition of 85
  • Signed, dated & numbered by the artist
  • Giclee print on Hahnemuhle paper
  • 290mm by 290mm (11½ by 11½ inches)
The original collage measures 50 x 50 cm, and is available.  Contact Matthew Rose for information.

The remaining 45 prints in the edition were expertly produced by Mariela Cadiz working with Burning Boy Press.  Mariela, based in Paris, produced fine art, grand format ink jet prints for photographers and artists of the highest quality.

If you are a photographer or artist interested in producing one-off or limited edition prints, please get in touch. Contact Burning Boy Press to learn more about high-quality digital printing in Paris.

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