25 June 2011

Gavin Harrison : Corrosion

British fashion photographer and artist Gavin Harrison has just released his first fine art pigment print, Corrosion.  The print is 40 cm x 50 cm and printed by Mariela Cadiz in association with Burning Boy Press onto heavy German Etching paper using archival inks process. The edition is limited to 50, each signed, numbered and dated by Harrison.

Gavin, a professional illustrator and fashion photographer, says he fully embraced the freedom of self publishing and used all his skills to produce a rich, highly detailed work about portraiture and time. "I wanted to make this print for myself," he says. "For my own walls.  And to make something something that would work off vintage furnishings and contemporary design. A piece that brought together a collection of surfaces to reflect the world that I live in...and maybe some other people as well."

The artist pulled together a number of different media like aged paper, flaking iron, and a stenciled wall – oxidation in all its forms – and something iconic and British: The school boy photograph from the early 20th century.  The effect is nostalgic – an essay on decay, loss, memory and in the end, civilization. The result is dark but humorous and visually compelling.

Corrosion is available directly from Gavin Harrison for £120.00.  You can order the work here.

Gavin has long worked as a photographer for numerous fashion and editorial projects in the UK and internationally. His portraits of both men and women, sometimes whimsically attired and posed, are humorous, scintillating and extremely sexy.

See more of Gavin Harrison's work: http://gharrisonphotography.com/ 

Shop: http://gavinhemporium.bigcartel.com/
Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ukfoto
Blog: http://theeloquenceofwantoncuriosity.blogspot.com/

Burning Boy Press Paris produces limited edition fine art pigment prints for artists, photographers and designers in Paris.  We work with the finest technology and the highest quality papers.  We are also tri-lingual: English, French and Spanish.  Contact us here.

08 June 2011

Jean-Baptiste Marot At Galerie Pixi Paris: Hopeful Monsters And Will & Wallpaper. Opening June 8

French artist Jean-Baptiste Marot has his mind set on the wall and the insanely rich patterns both drawn and imagined they offer.

The artist opens his Hopeful Monsters exhibition at Galerie Pixi in Paris, June 8 (today), with a web of paintings, drawings, prints and specially-produced wall paper from his Will And Wallpaper series. The Hopeful Monsters are indicative of what the artist refers to as his own version of Paradise Lost.

Marot, an artist who has long produced theatrical and film scenes, backdrops and even the entire settings (in a series of nearly three dozen large paintings) for French director Eric Rohmer’s L'anglaise et le duc (2001), approaches this new body of work with a purely poetic eye.  Shaped canvases of clouds that hang suspended in space or affixed to a wall are offset with printed and drawn scenes of elaborate landscapes, towers and people.

Jean-Baptiste produced three pigment prints of his "souvenirs" with Burning Boy Press' partner, Photo Online. His inspiration for this work is the toile de jouy – a decorative wallpaper and fabric concept exploiting repetitive elements, usually landscapes or outdoor scenes. (See more about this traditional 18th century French design concept here).  These prints literally fit onto the large single sheet wallpaper work (see below and above). Jean-Baptiste uses this elaborate field to place specific childhood memories in hand drawn fashion, framed and “hidden” in the wall pieces. The prints, roughly the size of a book, are beautifully framed and boxed, and are sold separately.

LOST PARADISE - Jean-Baptiste Marot:  Quand je commence un dessin, c'est souvent un arbre qui apparait en premier ensuite vient généralement émerger derrière cet arbre, un château d'eau (ou un bâtiment du même acabit), puis enfin ce qui s'apparenterait à un sujet: une jambe de mannequin en plastique égarée prés d'une clôture, une speakerine réellement bien coiffée, ou encore un abri bus en béton...

Ces dessins, qui ont toujours un arrière plan similaire, sont des morceaux pris d'un même monde et dont ils m'ont toujours semblé orphelins et comme déplacés quand ils sont accrochés à un mur ordinaire.

C'est pourquoi j'ai eu envie de composer un grand paysage à leur mesure et sur lequel ils pourraient venir se poser.

Ce paysage, pour pouvoir s'adapter aux murs et au futures scènes, devait être infini : qu'il puisse se prolonger dans la largeur (comme un paysage que l'on voit défiler au travers la fenêtre d'un train) mais aussi dans la hauteur (de pouvoir passer insensiblement d'un point de vue en plongée à celui d'un point de vue en contreplongée), bref il fallait qu'il ait les attributs d'un papier peint.

Galerie Pixi et Cie   95 Rue Seine, 75006 Paris, France. Telephone: ‬ ‪01 43 25 10 12 ‬‎

See more works from Jean-Baptiste Marot: http://www.willandwallpaper.com/

06 June 2011

Markus Hansen: With My Own Eyes At Espace Ricard Paris

Burning Boy Press Paris is happy to announce the production of the exhibition prints for Markus Hansen. The prints will be featured in the exhibition at the Espace d'Enterprise Ricard in Paris. 

The two large pigment prints, "Calf With My Own Eyes" and "Pig With My Own Eyes," each measure 150 x 200 cm.  The artist inserted his own eyes into the photographs of these two animals. 

These pigment prints are produced on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 305 gsm.  Each print is then mounted on Dibond 3mm.  Click on the images to enlarge.

In these photos, Mariela is showing the test prints to Markus and Bruno Scotti. A number of different papers were tested.  The studio in Paris is set up so that the light is strong but neutral so that a range of paper qualities can be judged without bias.

Vernissage: Monday, June 6th at 18h30. Exhibition from June 7 - July 9, 2011.  Espace d’entreprise Ricard  12 rue Boissy d’Anglas 75008 Paris, France.

Exhibition information: http://fondation-entreprise-ricard.com/expositions/rituels/pres/

For more information about Markus Hansen and his work, please visit his web site: Markus Hansen.

To find out about print with Burning Boy Press in Paris and to set up a studio visit, please send an e mail: Contact Burning Boy.