04 December 2012

Chat Perdu / Lost Cat : New Print

Lose your cat? Lose your cat in France?

Chat Perdu, a new print by Matthew Rose and printed by Mariela Cadiz, measures 30 x 40 cm, and is signed and dated on fine art paper.

Only 11 available. Inquiries: Chat Perdu.

Interested in fine art editions and printing them in Paris, contact Burning Boy Press Paris.  

01 September 2011


BIRDPAPER is a new pigment print (ink jet), measuring 30 x 41 cm on fine art paper. 

Produced by Mariela Cadiz at Burning Boy Press, BIRDPAPER is equally available in larger sizes as well as in one meter sections as the print is also the basis for a new project involving the image as "wall paper" for commissions.  The work can be pasted directly on a wall in bands, strips and/or in a wall to wall to floor to ceiling installation.  Please write Burning Boy Press for more information. 

The fine art print is on view at STORIE PARIS, 20 Rue Delambre 75014 Paris as part of the exhibition: GOD & COUNTRY.  (The original will also be on view at the exhibition at STORIE).

16 July 2011

Sweet By Gavin Harrison

Life is a bowl of terribly ripe cherries in Gavin Harrison's newest print, Sweet. A confection of half-veiled rag dolls, roses, birds and butterflies, Sweet a 50-piece limited edition fine art pigment print measures 50 cm x 70 cm. A smaller size, 40 x 50 cm, is also available. Each is signed and numbered by the artist.

The print is based upon an original collage by Harrison and offers a tangy marriage of Wizard of Oz and Chutes and Ladders, with characters like a female with a dog's head dancing inexplicably with a pony. Birds examine the bows affixed to bits of the reality Harrison has created while butterflies flit through it all on their way to work.  Roses dot the space while a number of other beings – a large number of them rag dolls of one sort or another – populate other areas under a gossamer of color.  The word "SWEET" is written across the work as if it were a message in lipstick in a hotel room mirror.

Sweet is available directly from the artist here: Gavin Harrison. The large print sells for £140.00, the smaller print for £110.00.

See more of Gavin Harrison's work here: http://theeloquenceofwantoncuriosity.blogspot/

25 June 2011

Gavin Harrison : Corrosion

British fashion photographer and artist Gavin Harrison has just released his first fine art pigment print, Corrosion.  The print is 40 cm x 50 cm and printed by Mariela Cadiz in association with Burning Boy Press onto heavy German Etching paper using archival inks process. The edition is limited to 50, each signed, numbered and dated by Harrison.

Gavin, a professional illustrator and fashion photographer, says he fully embraced the freedom of self publishing and used all his skills to produce a rich, highly detailed work about portraiture and time. "I wanted to make this print for myself," he says. "For my own walls.  And to make something something that would work off vintage furnishings and contemporary design. A piece that brought together a collection of surfaces to reflect the world that I live in...and maybe some other people as well."

The artist pulled together a number of different media like aged paper, flaking iron, and a stenciled wall – oxidation in all its forms – and something iconic and British: The school boy photograph from the early 20th century.  The effect is nostalgic – an essay on decay, loss, memory and in the end, civilization. The result is dark but humorous and visually compelling.

Corrosion is available directly from Gavin Harrison for £120.00.  You can order the work here.

Gavin has long worked as a photographer for numerous fashion and editorial projects in the UK and internationally. His portraits of both men and women, sometimes whimsically attired and posed, are humorous, scintillating and extremely sexy.

See more of Gavin Harrison's work: http://gharrisonphotography.com/ 

Shop: http://gavinhemporium.bigcartel.com/
Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ukfoto
Blog: http://theeloquenceofwantoncuriosity.blogspot.com/

Burning Boy Press Paris produces limited edition fine art pigment prints for artists, photographers and designers in Paris.  We work with the finest technology and the highest quality papers.  We are also tri-lingual: English, French and Spanish.  Contact us here.

06 June 2011

Markus Hansen: With My Own Eyes At Espace Ricard Paris

Burning Boy Press Paris is happy to announce the production of the exhibition prints for Markus Hansen. The prints will be featured in the exhibition at the Espace d'Enterprise Ricard in Paris. 

The two large pigment prints, "Calf With My Own Eyes" and "Pig With My Own Eyes," each measure 150 x 200 cm.  The artist inserted his own eyes into the photographs of these two animals. 

These pigment prints are produced on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth 305 gsm.  Each print is then mounted on Dibond 3mm.  Click on the images to enlarge.

In these photos, Mariela is showing the test prints to Markus and Bruno Scotti. A number of different papers were tested.  The studio in Paris is set up so that the light is strong but neutral so that a range of paper qualities can be judged without bias.

Vernissage: Monday, June 6th at 18h30. Exhibition from June 7 - July 9, 2011.  Espace d’entreprise Ricard  12 rue Boissy d’Anglas 75008 Paris, France.

Exhibition information: http://fondation-entreprise-ricard.com/expositions/rituels/pres/

For more information about Markus Hansen and his work, please visit his web site: Markus Hansen.

To find out about print with Burning Boy Press in Paris and to set up a studio visit, please send an e mail: Contact Burning Boy.

01 April 2011

Kosta Kulundzic : St Georges & The Double Headed Dragon. New Print.

Kosta Kulundzic : St Georges & The Double Headed Dragon.  Pigment-ink print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308. Edition: 40, signed and numbered. Format: 60 x 60 cm.

This and other works by the Franco-Serbian artist were recently produced in our Paris digital arts printing studio. For more about the artist and his work please see: Kosta Kulundzic Studio: http://www.kulundzic.com/

Kosta Kulundzic : St George at Yokohama Beach

Kosta Kulundzic, the well known Franco-Serbian painter, signing his most recent prints at the studio here in Paris.  His piece, "St George at Yokohama Beach" is a pigment ink print, on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308.  Edition is 40, each signed and numbered.  Format 80 x 45 cm.

Visit: Kosta Kulendzic Studio.

10 January 2011

Meilleurs Voeux pour 2011! Happy New Year!

Meilleurs Voeux pour 2011!

Cette année la carte de voeux de Photo Online et Burning Boy Press a été faite avec la collaboration de Matthew Rose, artiste americain qui habite à Paris. Avec son merveilleux photocollage "Mittwoch" nous vous souhaitons à tous une très bonne et très inspirée nouvelle année!

Tirage pigmentaire sur papier fine art coton 100%, 300 gsm

Si vous voulez en recevoir un exemplaire envoyez nous un message avec votre adresse!
Happy New 2011!

This year Photo Online's new year's card for 2011 has been made in collaboration with Matthew Rose, american artist based in Paris.

With his beautiful photocollage "Mittwoch," we wish you a very inspired 2011!

Pigment print on 100% cotton fine art paper, 300 gsm

If you'd like to receive a printed card send us a message with your address!

31 December 2010

Caterina Verde: Eye Of Yore

Caterina Verde, a French-American artist, has issued a new print, Eye of Yore.

Printed on Hahnemuhle 300 gram paper, and printed with archival pigment inks, Eye of Yore was produced in an edition of three.  Each print, signed and dated measures 60 x 80 cm.  

"This is part of the 'family portrait series' that I've worked off and on for many years," explains Verde who was in Paris over the end of year holidays to work on the edition.  "They are cameos of everyday life, a sort of Aldous Huxley alternate reality portal – an 'I C U, U C Me kind of thing."

Caterina Verde produces large scale installations, videos, prints and is the creator of Strange Positioning Systems, a global interactive performance project.

Eye of Yore is Verde's first print with Burning Boy Press Paris. 

See more of Caterina Verde's work here: http://caterinaverde.com/

20 October 2010

Ricardo Bloch's Ali Baba's Cave: Galerie Thalie Paris Opening Thursday Oct 21, 2010

Remember Ali Baba from 1001 Nights?  "One day Ali Baba is at work collecting and cutting firewood in the forest, and he happens to overhear a group of forty thieves visiting their treasure store. The treasure is in a cave, the mouth of which is sealed by magic. It opens on the words 'Open Sesame' and seals itself on the words 'Close, Sesame'. When the thieves are gone, Ali Baba enters the cave himself, and takes some of the treasure home."

That folk tale serves as the adventure of Ricardo Bloch's new series of some 20 large photographs, set to debut at Galerie Thalie in Paris. Bloch enters the cave and does take something: magical photographs of what he finds there.

The photographs form the suite for Bloch's Ali Baba's Cave, in reality a packed warehouse of theater and film company props.  The mannequins form small armies of bald-headed boys; other works are of vast stores of empty bottles, string-wrapped books, old microscopes, mantle-piece clocks and dusty chandeliers, large bird cages, golden statues (an Oscar or two), spools of copper and steel wire, hundreds of canes, sunglasses, shiny Buddhas and dozens upon dozens of vintage toys. It's a dreamscape of the past, and yet extremely contemporary.

"Each composition, found in situ, is a fragment of an eclectic and obsessive cabinet de curiosités, a non-scientific and totally incomplete catalogue of 20th century memorabilia," explains Bloch. "Unrelated objects acquire a synergy by proximity that suggests more than it reveals."

Ricardo Bloch's photographs inevitably recall surrealist protocols, where accident makes cohabitation pregnant with links to the vast image libraries of the unconscious.

The suite of photographs was produced by Mariela Cadiz and Burning Boy Press Paris. "These are pigment prints on Photo Rag Baryta, 315 gram paper," she says. "Each print was meticulously made as I worked closely with Ricardo in a series of proofs that satisfied both the color, depth and textures he required.  We couldn't be happier with the results."

Click the images to enlarge.

The technique and paper suits the subject of Ricardo's photographs very well, giving the works a poetic look with regards to massive accumulation, storage and abandonment of objects. "Part of what we do in printing is to find the exact paper for the subject with respect to the fine detail and the overall look of the works," adds Mariela.

Opening/Vernissage:  Thursday, October 21, 6-9 pm, Galerie Thalie, 26, rue Robert Fleury, 75015 Paris.  Tel: (06) 81 45 33 83. 

See a selection Ricardo Bloch's Ali Baba's Cave Series here.

Bloch's Shandy Books is here.

For more information about printing with Burning Boy Press, please click here.

11 October 2010

How Ink Is Made

Peter Welfare, president and Chief Ink Maker of The Printing Ink Company, shows how ink is made.

Via Huffington Post: "There are certain things that surprise you with their beauty. Case in point, this video from San Francisco-based blog Laughing Squid, caught us entirely off guard. Set to Alfred Brendel's playing of Beethoven's lyrical Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat major, it shows the process from top to bottom of how ink is made. And it turns out that that process is not only more interactive than we would have expected, but its also vivid and even balletic. The yellow ink folding into itself at the beginning grabbed us and we watched all 8 minutes and 52 seconds completely enthralled. Enjoy."

07 October 2010

Anglais : English Spirit & French Desire

Anglais, a new print from Matthew Rose for Keep Calm Gallery, marries English spirit to French desire.

In a surreal sprint through the garden, perhaps Eden, perhaps Kensington, Anglais reminds us that London life is a mad dash, and a dash mad. Yes, the Englishman's upper torso is missing, but that never stopped the Paris-based American artist from making a run (or a pun).

Each colourful print has been signed and dated by the artist. Anglais was produced by Burning Boy Press Paris's Mariela Cadiz.  Click directly on the image above to enlarge.

The original collage will be on display at Matthew's latest solo exhibition at The Orange Dot Gallery in London. Click here for more information on the Scared But Fresh show.

* Signed & dated by the artist
* Giclee print on Hahnemuhle paper
* 338mm by 250mm (13¼ by 9¾ inches)

19 September 2010

Matthew Rose's The End Of The World

THE END OF THE WORLD (REALLY BUILT TO LAST) is Paris-based artist Matthew Rose's surreal fantasy about the fragility of world we live in and the end of the world we've built.

"The end of the world is in fact a created fiction with a decidedly real dimension," says the artist. "It's a dream and yet it's one we live in, walk through, sleep off. I'm reminded of James Joyce's famous line: 'History is a nightmare I'm trying to awaken from.'"

Based on an original collage from 2008, THE END OF THE WORLD, reports from the frontiers of the real and dream worlds, where foods and animals, naughty little boys and errant little girls enter into the visual field and run, jump, hang and float in and around an assortment of human narratives that are veering dangerously out of control.

This work, and others in the series, appears in Masters: Collage (Sterling Publishing/Lark Books, USA May 2010). The print is available exclusively from Keep Calm Gallery London.  There are only 45 prints remaining in the edition of 85. Price: £38.00. (Note: The new shipment to Keep Calm is arriving the week of September 20, so be assured there are prints to purchase).

[Click images to enlarge and see detail.]

This print also has a border for framing.
  • Limited edition of 85
  • Signed, dated & numbered by the artist
  • Giclee print on Hahnemuhle paper
  • 290mm by 290mm (11½ by 11½ inches)
The original collage measures 50 x 50 cm, and is available.  Contact Matthew Rose for information.

The remaining 45 prints in the edition were expertly produced by Mariela Cadiz working with Burning Boy Press.  Mariela, based in Paris, produced fine art, grand format ink jet prints for photographers and artists of the highest quality.

If you are a photographer or artist interested in producing one-off or limited edition prints, please get in touch. Contact Burning Boy Press to learn more about high-quality digital printing in Paris.

30 August 2010

Liz Hingley : Under Gods

Burning Boy Press with its partner Photo Online is pleased to announce that Liz Hingley, the award winning British photographer, has completed printing of her series, "Under Gods," which explores multi-faith suburban communities.

(Above, Polish Carol Singers).

Her suite of more than a dozen photographs, printed in Paris under the careful guidances of Mariela Cadiz, will debut with Picturetank in Perpignan, France (August 28 - September 11, 2010).  With the exhibition, ZOOMORPHISMES & autres histoires naturelles, Hingley joins Pietro Paolini / TerraProject, Marc Cellier, and Bruno Fert at the Muséum d'histoires naturelles in Perpignan, France. Interventions and installations will also be presented by Studio Public, Ludo & Ludo and Agence Future.

"We produced 17 images for Liz for the exhibition in Perpigan," says Mariela. "I think the work is beautiful and the series shows the various facets of religion in every day life."

The series of Pigment prints were produced on Fujifilm Fine Art Fibre Baryte Gloss, 310 g; each measures 40 x 26 cm.

Liz Hingley's work intimately documents political and social issues, with a particular interest in alternative modes of community living. The series touches upon all manner of faith in and around Soho in London. One work documents a man's tattoos – Sanskrit writings all up and down his arms and chest; others show women in traditional garb at a Sikh wedding, a Minba chair at a Pakistani mosque, a baptism at the Canon Street Baptist Church. (Image above, right: Thai Temple Maintenance.)

Liz Hingley has also lectured at Colleges, Universities and Galleries in the UK including London College of Communication and the National Portrait Gallery.

ZOOMORPHISMES & autres histoires naturelles will take place at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelles in Perpignan. 12 rue Fontaine-Neuve 66000 - Perpignan

Contact Burning Boy Press for all information concerning high-quality photographic ink jet printing in Paris. Click: Burning Boy Press for information.

26 August 2010

Matthew Rose's YOU-->ME : A Silkscreen Edition

You ––> Me : Silkscreen print, after collage, 47.5 x 38 cm, three colors, on Arches Rives, 300 gram paper. Edition: 100. All prints are signed and numbered.  Some 20 artist proofs were also produced on a variety of fine art papers, along with several prints on fine art papers in gold, silver, and pink.

The print is a little piece of visual poetry, a sort of lexical love song, a Valentine.

The print was published by Burning Boy Press. Burning Boy Press produces mostly high-quality digital prints in Paris.

The original collage, measures 47.5 x 38 cm, dates from 1999 and was exhibited in Berlin at Galerie Tristesse (2006) and in Paris at Bernard Matussière (2009), the original is available for purchase. [Contact for price].

You ––> Me, 2010, was printed at Michel Hosszù's atelier in Paris in a single day.  Photograph of Michel Hosszù (below) taken in front of his massive silkscreen piece "Grimaces" in his studio in the Bastille section of Paris.

Michel Hosszù designed the screens for printing using three separate colors – two shades of gray and one final black.  Together we moved through the edition, racking up the pieces (photo, right), finally playing with the registration for some of the proofs and off-edition works at the end of the day.  The gold, silver and pink pieces were spray painted prior to printing. Two pieces – one gold, one silver – were printed on A3-sized canvases.

Of note: As a boy I was often working with my father in Queens, New York, producing silkscreens for his retail clients.  The screens – some as large as four meters wide and with as many as 28 colors – were beautiful in themselves.  The variety of paints and lacquers and the teamwork needed to pull the giant squeegee across such a giant screens remain potent images in my mind about the process of reproducing images. There is a gorgeous (although somewhat toxic) perfume involved in silkscreening.

As a teenager, I held many jobs in the silkscreen shop, from stretching the dylon fabric over the frames to spreading out the emulsion, position the frame for printing, then blotting out the tiny holes left after the UV printing lamp hit the acetate positive with the image.  Back then the image silhouettes were often cut out of ruby lith, and not punched out of a laser printer via Photoshop file.  It's a process that combines photography, handiwork, low end technology, but with spectacular results.  Sadly, a great deal of silkscreen production has been taken over by digital printing; and while both are wonderful, there is nothing like the creation of a silkscreen print. It's beautiful and delightfully messy.

The YOU --> ME prints are available through Keep Calm Gallery while a few will also be available at my exhibition SCARED BUT FRESH at Orange Dot Gallery in London on October 6, 2010.  

To purchase a YOU --> ME print, please contact Keep Calm Gallery, by clicking here.

16 July 2010

Les Affaires

'Les Affaires' is a stunning new limited edition print from Paris based American artist Matthew Rose. It is available exclusively from Keep Calm Gallery in London.

Like a mall from hell and high water, Matthew Rose takes on this vast subject with a surreal tour through the commercial center of his mind with Les Affaires. Expertly produced by Mariela Cadiz and Burning Boy Press in Paris, Les Affaires brings consumption and all its myriad expressions to a neat explosion.

Here, Freud (lower left corner) considers the expansive narratives from behind a silhouette of Popeye-as-Buddah. A family ponders a side of beef, a salesman dangles a naked blue girl in offering from his battery-as-desk (a housewife's head). A child's arms are weighed on a scale. One of a large pair of hands beholds a fashion plate – her own head morphed into a construction of pipes topped by a fan – while the other hand readies a pen for signing over something of value.

Indeed value is explored and remade as acts of gloating, comedy and narcissistic wonder and feeding. Matthew Rose's Les Affaires, a print based upon an enormous collage takes 'business as usual' to startling new heights and frighteningly new depths. "I live on a market street in Paris," says the artist. "This happens every day."
  • Limited edition of 100
  • Signed, numbered, titled and dated by the artist
  • High quality giclee print
  • 310gsm Hahnemuhle fine art etching paper
  • 750mm by 700mm (29½ by 27½ inches)
Price: £150.00, Unframed.  See more images and order from Keep Calm Gallery.

If you are interested in the original collage on board, Les Affaires, 1.5 x 1.3 m, (2009), click here: Contact

23 June 2010

Rubens Rounding Third: Unique Baseball Art Stamps

Matthew Rose takes a swing at the art of baseball in his prize-winning art stamp sheet, Rubens Rounding Third. Printed on gummed paper and perforated, the stamp sheet is the artist's ode to baseball, art, Rubens, stamps in a sexy twist on turning the corner, in this case third base.

This collector's piece is headed for Cooperstown, the Baseball Hall of Fame in Upstate New York, as well as a permanent place at the Philatelic Museum of Oaxaca (MUFI), which awarded the artist first prize in their world wide competition for 'Baseball Philately + The Art Inspired by Philately'.

"My guess is that Americans of all sizes will be interested in this work, not only those who love baseball and art," said Matthew, "but also those who grew up playing the game and found themselves distracted by some attractive fan in the crowd."
  • Printed on gummed stamp sheets
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Limited edition of 1000
  • 296mm by 407mm (11½ by 16 inches)

15 May 2010

Immaculate Perception : Matthew Rose

Surrealism, asserted André Breton, was above all "a revolutionary movement."  And that movement, both visual and literary, was largely identified with the dream. Shock, non-sequitur, unlikely but often gorgeous juxtapositions were the signature elements of surrealist works. These ideas come to term in Immaculate Perception by Matthew Rose. 
Beautifully printed by Mariela Cadiz in Paris, the work is a lullaby in the surrealist cannon: A young girl in a bob cut dreams in a dream of a lemon tree. She is the revolution, says the artist. 

Based on a smaller collage, Immaculate Perception is making a second tour of Keep Calm Gallery. This new version measures 80 cm by 60 cm and is printed on fine art paper in an edition of 50. The edition is available exclusively from Keep Calm Gallery (London). Price: £130.00, unframed.
  • Limited edition of 50
  • Signed, numbered and dated by the artist
  • High quality giclee print
  • Acid-free fine art paper
  • 80 cm by 60 cm (31½ by 23¾ inches)
To find out more about producing high quality digital prints in Paris – prices, technical specifications, papers available – please contact Burning Boy Press: MATTHEW.ROSE.PARIS [at] GMAIL.COM.