31 December 2010

Caterina Verde: Eye Of Yore

Caterina Verde, a French-American artist, has issued a new print, Eye of Yore.

Printed on Hahnemuhle 300 gram paper, and printed with archival pigment inks, Eye of Yore was produced in an edition of three.  Each print, signed and dated measures 60 x 80 cm.  

"This is part of the 'family portrait series' that I've worked off and on for many years," explains Verde who was in Paris over the end of year holidays to work on the edition.  "They are cameos of everyday life, a sort of Aldous Huxley alternate reality portal – an 'I C U, U C Me kind of thing."

Caterina Verde produces large scale installations, videos, prints and is the creator of Strange Positioning Systems, a global interactive performance project.

Eye of Yore is Verde's first print with Burning Boy Press Paris. 

See more of Caterina Verde's work here: http://caterinaverde.com/

04 December 2010

Norma Trosman: All That Jazz Edition

Painter Norma Trosman opens the generous doors to her atelier throughout the month of December 2010 to exhibit her figurative paintings and a brand new print, All That Jazz.

Here a mountain of musicians wielding brass trombones, trumpets and saxophones blast out a 1940s swing tune. The scene is plucked from the past but resonantly contemporary.

The men, all dressed in white tuxedos point in every which way: You can almost hear this celebration pouring out.

Norma Trosman's All That Jazz, produced from a tempera painting, measures 80 x 60 cm, was printed on 350 gram fine art paper. The edition is 80, each signed and numbered and dated by the artist.

"I began my very very print by choosing a work of mine that is extremely graphic, and one produced with egg tempera," explains Norma.  "Tempera offers the possibility to have a kind of velvety texture and saturated colors and others that are more modulated. Tempera allows me to work painted surfaces as if they are completely flat, which is idea for translating into prints using the advanced inkjet technology we have now. The nuances and sensuality of the work are very present in the edition."

Mariela Cadiz, who worked very closely with the artist, adds "The paper we used – 300 gram Fine Art Museum Rough  – worked perfectly in communicating the richness of the piece."

"Working carefully with Mariela Cadiz was a great experience as well," says Norma.  "She gave this edition all the qualities I was looking for, I'm very happy and the results are optimal.  Other editions will surely follow."
"Je commence cette aventure dans l'édition en choisissant de reproduire mes œuvres graphiques, celles réalisées avec la technique de la tempera à l'œuf.

"La tempera me donne la possibilité d'obtenir une texture veloutée, des couleurs saturées et d'autres qui le sont moins, elle me permet de travailler les surfaces comme des aplats mais aussi comme du graphisme.

"J'aime la sensualité, la texture et les nuances de cette matière.
A partir de l'original de «All that jazz » une tempera de 80 x 60 cm, on débute cette édition signée et numérotée à 80 exemplaires."

To order All That Jazz prints, contact Norma at the numbers and e mail address below. 

Click: Atelier Norma Trosman 
163, rue de Charenton  
Esc. 14, Ate. 152
75012 Paris  Tel: 06 13 39 48 79
Email: Norma Trosman