30 August 2010

Liz Hingley : Under Gods

Burning Boy Press with its partner Photo Online is pleased to announce that Liz Hingley, the award winning British photographer, has completed printing of her series, "Under Gods," which explores multi-faith suburban communities.

(Above, Polish Carol Singers).

Her suite of more than a dozen photographs, printed in Paris under the careful guidances of Mariela Cadiz, will debut with Picturetank in Perpignan, France (August 28 - September 11, 2010).  With the exhibition, ZOOMORPHISMES & autres histoires naturelles, Hingley joins Pietro Paolini / TerraProject, Marc Cellier, and Bruno Fert at the Muséum d'histoires naturelles in Perpignan, France. Interventions and installations will also be presented by Studio Public, Ludo & Ludo and Agence Future.

"We produced 17 images for Liz for the exhibition in Perpigan," says Mariela. "I think the work is beautiful and the series shows the various facets of religion in every day life."

The series of Pigment prints were produced on Fujifilm Fine Art Fibre Baryte Gloss, 310 g; each measures 40 x 26 cm.

Liz Hingley's work intimately documents political and social issues, with a particular interest in alternative modes of community living. The series touches upon all manner of faith in and around Soho in London. One work documents a man's tattoos – Sanskrit writings all up and down his arms and chest; others show women in traditional garb at a Sikh wedding, a Minba chair at a Pakistani mosque, a baptism at the Canon Street Baptist Church. (Image above, right: Thai Temple Maintenance.)

Liz Hingley has also lectured at Colleges, Universities and Galleries in the UK including London College of Communication and the National Portrait Gallery.

ZOOMORPHISMES & autres histoires naturelles will take place at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelles in Perpignan. 12 rue Fontaine-Neuve 66000 - Perpignan

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